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If you are enrolled in the American Express
Membership Rewards
program you can now
use some, or all of your points* to purchase
tickets to some of your favourite artists on Ticketmaster.

Choose the event you want to see and when you pay
with your Card, you have the option to use your
Membership Rewards points to cover either all
or part of the cost. Did you know 12,000 Membership
Rewards points = $100.

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Subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Membership Rewards program. A minimum of 2,000 points must be redeemed at any one time. You must qualify with the Terms and Conditions in order to redeem points. Tickets must be purchased using your eligible American Express Card and will be charged to that day’s purchase. American Express will debit the Membership Rewards points from your program account and issue a credit for the corresponding dollar amount to the Card account charged for your ticket purchase. If the total number of points redeemed do not cover the entire amount of the charge for your ticket purchase, the charge for the remaining balance of the purchase will remain on your Card account. Ticket purchases failing to qualify for Membership Rewards points redemption will remain charged to your American Express Card account and are subject to the venue’s and Ticketmaster’s no refund/no exchange policy. All Qantas American Express Cards and Cards not issued by American Express are excluded from this promotion.
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