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Dear Human Beings,




Hello, I am a Magical Dead Cat, the titular Magical Dead Cat from the very title of this very show. After a hugely successful tour of the antipodes last year, I the Magical Dead Cat have once again put the Aunty Donna boys to the test to put on an encore run of shows on the East Coast of Australia, namely Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney, so they can entertain us one more time with their 75ish minute live show that includes funny voices, incredible costumes and silly songs.


Once they complete this whirlwind Australian tour, I have challenged them to travel to the faraway lands of USA, Canada, UK & Ireland to perform their wonderfully riotous sketch comedy to the citizens of these countries for the first time in over 5 years. It will be what one may call ‘The Magical Dead Cat WORLD Tour’!


Remember, if Aunty Donna succeeds in pleasing me with a rip-roarin’ WORLD tour show, I have promised to surprise them with a special, web slinging, mystery guest!


Come, sweet humans, and see if Broden, Zach and Mark are up for the task!


With loving grace,


The Magical Dead Cat