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Blacktown Olympic Park Tickets

Eastern Road, Rooty Hill, NSW 2766, Australia

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General Rules

Welcome We hope you’ll enjoy your visit to our magnificent Stadium and would like to advise of some important conditions so that all spectators can enjoy the event in comfort and safety. Please note any breech of these conditions may result in ejection from the Stadium. Conditions of Entry All spectators must have a valid ticket, pass or other authorised entry/approved means to enter the Stadium. This Stadium is a NON SMOKING VENUE. Patrons wishing to smoke will need to exit the venue to access designated smoking areas outside the stadium. Smokers will require their ticket and a ‘Pass Out’ (issued at the exit point) for exit and re-entry to the stadium. PASS OUTS are only issued for the purpose of accessing the designated smoking areas. Blacktown City supports the “No More It’s The Law” and “No Secondary Supply”, Responsible Service of Alcohol Initiatives of the NSW State Government and will undertake all measures to ensure full compliance with this policy. An on the spot fine of $550 and future bans will be issued to offenders. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES cannot be taken into or from the Stadium. No unauthorised access is permitted onto the field of play. An Emergency Operational Management Plan has been developed for this Stadium. Please familiarise yourself with the designated exit points nearest your seat. Should evacuation of your area be necessary an Emergency Management Team member will assist you to reach a place of safety in a calm and orderly manner. For the safety of spectators, leaning over or climbing on balustrades or handrails is strictly prohibited. Footwear must be worn at all times. Umbrellas may be brought into the Stadium but for the comfort of others cannot be put up in the seating areas. For the safety and security of all spectators the following CANNOT be taken into the stadium: Alcohol, Animals (except for official guide dogs); Any political, religious or race related materials; balls; bicycles; cans,clothing with offensive wording, pictures or graphic design; Commercial ‘Fast Food’ (e.g Pizza Hut, Mc Donalds, KFC)Coolers, Ice chests or Eskies that cannot fit under seats (larger than 30cm x 30cm); Explosives; Fireworks: Flags or Banners with attached poles greater than 1.5 metres; Flares; Frisbees; Glass or Glass bottles; Horns; Illegal Substances; Knives; Musical Instruments; Skateboards; Skates; Smoke Bombs; Weapons and any other items which the Stadium Management considers dangerous or otherwise inappropriate, including signs, banners or flags likely to restrict the view of, or inconvenience spectators; Whistles. When leaving the Stadium please have consideration for our neighbours and keep noise to a minimum.