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About Calvin Harris

You might be ready for the weekend, but are you ready for CALVIN HARRIS at BIG DAY OUT 2010? The Scottish super-producer/DJ/chart-topping pop star is a one-man hit-making machine: I'm Not Alone, Acceptable in the '80s, The Girls, Ready for the Weekend and that smash Dizzee Rascal collaboration, Dance Wiv Me.


"The tunes punch like Tyson as they come out of your speakers... HARRIS has expertly distilled classic elements of club music into a sugar-rush injection." (The Mercury, August 2009)


But where did he come from, this guy who home-schooled himself in the art of songwriting and seemingly ascended from the bedroom to the big time in the blink of an eye? Well, he may have been barely 23 when he first hit the charts, but CALVIN HARRIS has been making music since the age of 15. "It seems like I came from nowhere" HARRIS admits, "but it didn't feel like that for me. I had a successful record after having lots of unsuccessful records..."


It was when he hit upon what would become his trademark sound - irresistibly infectious dance-pop tunes built from juicy staccato synths and squelchy electro bass lines - that he caught the public imagination, first with Acceptable in the '80s, then the even bigger follow-up The Girls, and then his non-stop house party of a debut album, I Created Disco. Now the man who created it is reinventing it all over again with Ready for the Weekend, the UK No.1 album.


"Ready for the Weekend is big, bold and colourful 21st century electro dance pop... shameless crowd-pleasing." (The Telegraph, August 2009)


On stage, that big bundle of club and radio hits become hands-in-the-air anthems, with HARRIS fronting a live band that he calls "even more rocking than the tunes", while he's out front proving geeky bedroom musos can be rock stars too. Well, at least one of them can.


"CALVIN HARRIS did not just play music, he was the music. He was not just disco, but a legend of rock, working the stage and audience like a true rock star." (inthemix, February 2008)


He's in demand with everyone, everywhere, from pop starlets wanting his production skills to dancefloors demanding his DJ sets. But there's only one place he'll be this summer. People get ready: you don't wanna miss CALVIN HARRIS at BIG DAY OUT.