Interactive Seat Map FAQ


How do I search for tickets in a specific price range? How do I browse seats in a section? How do I select seats? How do I review the seats I’ve selected before I purchase them? How do I purchase the seats I’ve selected?


How do I redeem an offer code/password? Why are some special offers grayed out? Why is there a padlock next to some special offers?

Understanding Seat/Section Colors

What do the different section colors mean? What do the different seat colors mean?

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What does “You may not leave a single unoccupied seat” mean? Why can’t I check out? Why does the map keep refreshing? Can I purchase accessible seats using the Interactive Seat Map? Why is the Interactive Seat Map not available for every event? Can I buy seats without using the Interactive Seat Map?

FacebookUsing Facebook Features

How can I see where my friends are sitting? How do I tag my seat? Can I decide who can see where I'm sitting? How do I remove my seat tag? Can I tag other people? Why are multiple people tagged in some seats? Can I remove other people's seat tags?
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