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Loritz Circus

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About Loritz Circus

Juggler - Astounding you with lightning speed and co-ordination. An international performance. A professional in his own right. From balls and clubs to the legendary nine rings. Absolutely astounding.

Russian Swing - A highly acclaimed Ukranian troop of amazingly skilled acrobats. Set to put you on the edge of your seat. A performance to have you talking about, leaving you totally enthralled as to how they do it!

Clowning - Something for everyone. The Great Loritz Circus clowns bring you humour and emotion like no other. An amazing mix of tear jerking laughter, acrobatic comedy with never seen before and completely unexpected comical performance routines to leave you laughing and laughing.

Wheel of Death - Not for the faint hearted. Be energized by finding your adrenaline level increase with every death defying trick. An exciting act that will have your heart rate up and your mind blown.

Crystal - A horse like none other. Experience the intellect of Australia’s smartest pony. A rare example of how every little girl and boys dream pony comes to life with her amazing cleverness and wonderful personality. She really is an absolute gem. 

Trampoline - Bringing back those Ukrainian acrobats. Literally a bouncing act performed by world championship and Olympic gymnasts. The Trampoline Flyers will take you in the air with a super hero like performance. Speed and agility at a gold medal level.

Cage Riders - Bringing to WA for the very first time direct from Brazil. A trio made of metal and machine. A thunderous and extreme performance from three of the hardest individuals alive. The Great Loritz Circus “Cage Riders”. A finale act that will bring you back for more.