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About Metropolis Rock Opera

HoneyBird’s celebrated rock performance of "Metropolis" plays the Tivoli on Saturday 4 April 2020.

A multi-faceted live production, re-imagining the artistic vision and striking meaning of Metropolis, the prescient 1927 film about a foreboding future by Fritz Lang. 

In this full–throttle, live rock performance, the story takes place in a highly stylised futuristic city where a beautiful, exotic utopia exists above a depressing underworld populated by faceless, mistreated workers. Audiences can identify with the film’s deeper moral desires and the underlying political themes, which in today’s fraught political climate resonates more than ever. The highly theatrical work incorporates this magnificent film underpinned by a live music performance by HoneyBird, plus the Adiamus String Quartet, interfaced with an updated narrative arc for the film by Ian Golding.

HoneyBird’s Metropolis score conveys the movie’s intended message; drawing parallels from then to now, awakening contemporary society to issues of poverty and conflict, power and greed, and political themes as they may play out today. Great songs fill grand narrative spaces along with instrumental motifs linking and weaving throughout the film for this ageless story to be magnificently reimagined.

“Beautiful, powerful, and transporting.” - Johanna Wallace

“A provocative statement of modernity within the opiated realm of sixties and seventies alternative rock.” - Nyc Prowse

“An uber cool and absolute genius artistic experience.” - Robina Mackenzie