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More Sex Please...We're Seniors!


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About More Sex Please...We're Seniors!

Announcing the world premiere season of a sparkling new, Australian musical play about age-old concerns,
MORE SEX PLEASE...WE’RE SENIORS! It truly affirms that laughter is the best medicine and promises to be the cult hit
of the year when it opens at the COMEDY THEATRE on OCTOBER 31ST.
WITH a wink and a nod to the popular 1970’s farce No Sex Please, We’re British, John-Michael Howson puts his own hilarious spin on Australia’s less inhibited culture and a golden generation confronting mortality with a glint in its eyes and a spring in its shuffle.
Directed by Pip Mushin and featuring TV and theatre actors MARK MITCHELL, JANE CLIFTON, MICHAEL VEITCH, TRACY HARVEY and
MATT QUARTERMAINE, MORE SEX PLEASE...WE’RE SENIORS! is a joyously liberating play set in the sunny and efficient confines of the Guantanamo Palms Retirement Village.
The co-writer of the hit stage musicals Shout! and Dusty - The Original Pop Diva, John-Michael Howson has crafted an intimate
musical play offering shrewd insights, universal truths, sketch comedy, robust characters, satirical songs and good old-fashioned
belly-laughs. Who knew that getting to a ripe old age could be this much fun. Forget your aches and pains for a show that affirms
laughter IS the best medicine.
The play centres on two very different married couples, Roy and Myra, Mac and Joan, who are intent on making the most out of life even though the world is changing faster than they can keep pace, what with anti-social media, Facebook and “Twatter’’. There’s an awful lot of things for them to talk about and to get off their chests - ailments, marriage, politics, sex, Christmas, greed, global warming, celebrities, family and travel, not least having to deal with the outbursts of offspring upset that their inheritance money is being recklessly squandered. The play takes aim at those who see no value in “grey power” and are quick to relegate seniors to the scrap heap. Beneath all the frivolity, banter and cleverly re-worded songs is a love story about longevity and the romance of youthful aspiration.
“MORE SEX PLEASE...WE’RE SENIORS! is a small-scale musical with broad Australian comedy” says John-Michael Howson.
“The characters talk about anything and everything under the sun, and they sing satirical songs to explain their feelings about life in the senior zone. We don’t laugh at them. We laugh with them. After all, they could be your grandparents, parents, uncles or aunts or even, someday, one day or sooner, you!”
MORE SEX PLEASE...WE’RE SENIORS! is an uplifting, ultimately tender work about deeply identifiable characters who cherish life no matter its conflicts and defeats. Time might be running out for the combative and loving couples but their get up and go shows no signs
of waning, nor do they lack the fire in the belly that rallies people to a great cause. The musical comedy is packed with familiar tunes even if the audience is yet to learn the newly-minted words.