Ticket Groups

Each Ticket Group typically consists of tickets with similar characteristics in terms of location (e.g., the tickets are in certain rows, or the tickets are in a certain section). If you place a valid winning bid, it will fall into one of the Ticket Groups based on the amount you bid. The bid will remain in a Ticket Group until it is ranked lower than all winning bids in that Ticket Group and then it will fall into the next Ticket Group.

Low Bid Per Ticket

The Low Bid Per Ticket is the lowest winning bid amount per ticket by Ticket Group at the time the auction status is given.


How To Bid - Step By Step

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Ticketmaster Auctions?
Ticketmaster auctions allow our venues, promoters, and artists to sell tickets and ticket packages directly to fans on Ticketmaster.com.au at a fair market price. There are no provisions for consumers to directly or indirectly sell their tickets via Ticketmaster auctions.

When you bid on tickets, you will be deciding for yourself how much you would like to pay to attend the event. If you have a valid winning bid at the close of the auction and your credit card is authorised for full payment by your bank, you will receive tickets to the event. There are no charges for entering an auction that you do not win. You will have access to Ticketmaster customer service just as you do for tickets sold through a standard ticket sale.
2. Who is eligible to participate in a Ticketmaster Auction?
3. How many times may I bid in an auction?
4. Can I cancel my bid?
5. When and how much will my credit card be charged?
6. How do I bid in an auction?
7. How are Ticketmaster Auctions different from other online auctions?
8. May I sell my tickets through Ticketmaster Auctions?
9. How many tickets may I bid on?
10. What are Ticket Groups?
11. How are bids ranked?
12. Do Ticketmaster Auctions offer Proxy Bidding-where my bid automatically increases until it reaches my maximum bid amount?
13. How do I know where my seats are located?
14. Can I change my address, contact information or credit card once I've submitted my bid?
15. How do I obtain accessible seats?
16. What charges will I incur in addition to my bid amount per ticket?
17. Where can I find all my active Ticketmaster auction bids?
18. How do I know if I won?
19. When will I receive my tickets?
20. Can I take a tax deduction for Charity Auctions?
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