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About Tina C

Tina C — country music celebrity, US presidential candidate and global icon — is on an Australasian mission. With her unique mix of biting political satire, glamour and comedy songs, she'll make you look at our country through new eyes.
"I know there is tension in your land about the relationship between the non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal people. I know it goes back a long way and I wanna help through the healing power of country music."
Tax your brain, break your heart, laugh at things you never thought you were allowed to, and leave with a spirit of resounding optimism! After all, how bad can anything be when singing along to ‘A Pub With No Beer'?
Duration: 75 - 80 mins no interval. Ages: 16+
About Christopher Green and Tina C
Winner of the Olivier Award for Best Entertainment and a BBC Radio 4 favourite, Christopher Green has gained global recognition for his exceptional ability to fuse serious, scathing content with biting humour. Fresh from scoring a major hit in London, with his interactive and immersive theatre show Office Party, (co-created with La Clique's/La Soiree's Ursula Martinez) Christopher will take up position with The British Library as their first ever Artist in Residence in January 2012.
No stranger to a global audience, Christopher Green's Tina C first ignited controversy in 2002 with the highly acclaimed Tina C's Twin Towers Tribute, which toured many venues and festivals worldwide from Edinburgh to New Zealand via Europe and the US. This was the first comedy to tackle the tragedy of 9/11, surprising audiences and critics alike with its astute, humane entertainment.
To get a taste for Tina C's homespun wisdom listen to an episode of her recent BBC Radio 4 series.
Malthouse Theatre, Christopher Green, Julia Holt and Melbourne International Comedy Festival present
Created by Christopher Green
Performed by Tina C with Auriel Andrew OAM