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About West Australian Ballet

Under the magical night sky surrounded by the magnificent City Beach Quarry Amphitheatre, experience the unique combination of contemporary dance and dining. Part of Perth Festival, Ballet at the Quarry is one of this summer’s hottest tickets.

This year, we proudly present In-Synch: Ballet at the Quarry; a series of four short works.                                                        


World Premiere 

In a context where hybridity and fusion are vogue, Reincarnation will stand as a testament to the distinct and authentic heritages of contemporary and classical form. 

The work explores the notion of death and transformation in classical ballet narratives such as Giselle and Swan Lake. Don’t miss this very unique collaboration with one of Australia’s newest contemporary dance companies, Co3 Australia.

“My works are a reflection of my current personal fascination - a philosophical question or an area of thought that I’ve been researching and reading about.” - Garry Stewart, Choreographer

Choreographer: Garry Stewart 

Costumes: Johnathan Hindmarsh 

Lighting: Michael Rippon

Original Composition: Brendan Woithe


Australian Premiere 

Being constantly under surveillance... What kind of emotions and paranoia does this stir in a person? Watch as the dancers move between the stage and synchronised worlds borne from enigmatic visual effects, which will leave you wondering if they’re performing live or not. 

Johanna Nuutinen’s strong and physical choreography is built on the foundations of the study of emotions and shifting power balances within human relationships.

“I like to mix film, dance and photography in order to create a multi-dimensional world and also take dance to other environments” - Johanna Nuutinen, Choreographer

Concept and Choreography: Johanna Nuutinen

Assistant Choreographer: Jarkko Lehmus

Costume Design: Rhiannon Walker 

Re-light: Michael Rippon

Director of Photography: Gavin Carroll, Lush – The Content Agency


World Premiere 

We present a first for WAB – an improvised dance work set to four bespoke modern orchestral soundtracks played at random.

Aurélien Scannella and Sandy Delasalle, alongside former Sydney Dance Company and WAB dancer David Mack, will create a frame work of movement for the dancers. Each night they will improvise in response to one of the four scores, chosen just minutes prior to the dancers taking the stage.

“Improvisation is a technique we rarely get to perform. Each movement will truly be an authentic moment of ourselves” - Nikki Blain, Corps de Ballet.

Concept: Aurélien Scannella & Sandy Delasalle

Improvisation Provocateur: David Mack 

Costumes: Rhiannon Walker

Lighting: Michael Rippon


Comedic, yet carrying a veneer of sophistication, The Sofa is a cheeky work created by Israeli choreographer, Itzik Galili. A love triangle with a twist, this work explores the art of seduction, connection and communication and is lustily performed by three dancers on a single piece of furniture. 

“A brilliant and astonishingly physical and mind-bogglingly gymnastic ‘menage a trois’ “ - Dance Australia.

“Simply hilarious” - The Australian 

Choreographer: Itzik Galili

Re-staging: Sandy Delasalle and Craig Lord-Sole

Costumes: Natasja Lansen

Set: J.C. van Barnerveld