Accessing the Site - Technology

Multiple Browsers from One Computer

Please use only one browser window at a time (on the same computer) to hold tickets. If you open a new browser and order a different set of tickets, the tickets held in the previous browser will be released for sale to other customers. This helps us to prevent attempts to use automated programs to block other customers from getting tickets.

Express Ordering

This feature allows you to enter your credit card once, instead of every time you make a purchase on Once you've entered your credit card number using this feature, we'll save it for any subsequent purchases, so you don't have to send it over the Internet again. It also makes the purchasing process more efficient!

Browser Security Issues & Akamai Technologies

If you've gotten an error message about a company called Akamai Technologies "intercepting" your information, here's what happened:

Akamai Technologies is a company that helps us present non-critical parts of our site, like images and advertising banners. You have received this warning because your browser security settings are set too high.

1.  If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer,
  • Go to Tools, select Internet Options.
  • Click on the Security tab.
  • Select a Medium level of security.
2.  If you are using Netscape Navigator,
  • Click on Security.
  • Select Navigator.
  • Make sure the boxes enabling SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), versions 2 & 3.

Policies and Security