Enabling Javascript

You must have JavaScript enabled to use this site. Portions of the Ticketmaster website might not be accessible with JavaScript disabled.

Internet Explorer Users

1.    Open Internet Explorer
2.    Go to Tools > Internet Options(or the view menu in older versions)
3.    Choose the Security Tab.
4.    Click Custom Level.
5.    Under Active Scripting, make sure the "Enable" radio button is selected.
6.    Click OK

Firefox Users

1.    Open Firefox.
2.    Go to Tools > Options.
3.    Click Content in the Options list (or Web Features in older versions)
4.    Check the box next to Enable JavaScript.
5.    Click OK.

Netscape Users

1.    Open Netscape.
2.    Go to Tools > Options (Edit > Preferences in older versions)
3.    In Site Controls (of Advanced/Scripts & Plugins in older versions) select the enable javascript & enable java checkbox
4.    Click OK.

Safari Users

1.    Open Safari
2.    Go to Preferences in the Safari menu
3.    Click Security.
4.    Check Enable JavaScript.
5.    Close the window.
6.    Click Reload.

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