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Kate Ceberano

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About Kate Ceberano

Not only an amazing singer, but an extraordinary performer, Kate Ceberano is known for her soulful voice, charismatic nature and ability to steal the dance floor. With a career spanning twenty five years, Australian singer / songwriter Kate Ceberano has won almost every entertainment award in Australia.

She has released five Platinum albums, four Gold albums, selling in excess of 1 million albums in Australia alone. She has performed countless sell-out tours and starred in acclaimed feature films, it is amazing that she still finds time to do what she loves most - make beautiful music.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the fabulous Kate Ceberano

There is something truly spectacular about award winning singer and songwriter Kate Ceberano. Whether it is her soulful voice, her charismatic nature or exotic looks, she has become a legendary Australian icon over the past twenty-five years. A woman widely respected not only by the music industry, but also for her ability to juggle an abundance of other roles. From television appearances, to charity work, and motherhood.